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Working from home, Covid-19 edition.

Hey all,

What a crazy time we are in. So many emotions and crazy things happening that each day is something new to worry about. My hope for all of you is that you can be home, stay safe and be healthy. This too shall pass.

For some of you this may be your first work from home experience and it may be a bit of a change. I am a total pro at it so let me show you the ropes but fair warning..this is not your everyday perfect lifestyle blogger type stuff. This is survival people...We don't need it to be pretty with a filter.

I know this is a fashion website but in times like this does it even matter? Are you dressed? OK GREAT.  You are winning then. My go to is leggings and whatever sarcastic, inappropriate t-shirt I can find. HR can't touch you here. Be free to be expressive. Creative flow type stuff.

Then do your basic human type things...Brush teeth, hair, shower if your feeling ambitious..just do something to get you feeling like you are a person and not a creature that just crawled out of a tunnel.

Next, once you have made the commute from the bedroom to the "office"..

First thing is to make a clear path on your table or desk. Remove all the crap you dumped there the last two weeks and make a little spot for your laptop and a place for your coffee mug. It's important to have the right tools to succeed and those are my 1. and 2.

Insert work stuff here....Calls, emails, spreadsheets, blah blah blah.

Take time for breaks like taking the dog outside, then back in, then immediately back out again. Feed the kids if you have small coworkers with you as well. Dance breaks are also good. A little old school Biggie or Tupac never hurt anyone, plus the kids need to know the greats. It's music education for all you homeschoolers.

Then the magical 5pm hits and you can power down and run to the couch before traffic gets heavy, to watch The Tiger King on Netflix...I mean...what that hell is that about? OMG.

You can be both productive and lazy in the same day. It's doable...and the best part is you can wear whatever you want. Try new yoga pants, wear your hair in a continuous messy bun. Work with a face mask on...the detoxifying kind not the N95. Take the time to try new things now you have a shorter commute. 

We are all in this together and there is no playbook on how this will go. Main thing is to be safe, follow the recommended guidelines and do our part to not make it worse. If you want to be weird as hell while doing all that.. so be it.

Stay safe everyone..








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