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The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Wardrobe

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A lot of people like to participate in Spring cleaning, but a lot of years before the holidays, I feel myself purging my home and doing an ultimate re-vamp so that I may enjoy the season completely stress free. One way to do this is to organize your closet . Depending on your living situation, the closets can be a point of contention. With this article, I’ll give you a few tips on how to organize your entire wardrobe.

Step 1: Empty and clean your entire closet

You don’t have to go through and remove every single item, but you can if you’d like to go a little more extreme. If that’s not really your thing, take the time to go through each individual item of clothing. Use the following options on what you should do with the items:
  • Keep: if you love it and you wear it, keep it!
  • Consign/ResellItems that you can consign are a little newer and maybe sometimes brand new. You can also sell on services like eBay, Poshmark or companies like our incredible boutique.
  • Donate: these are items you no longer want, but are more “gently used”
  • Trash: If the item is ripped, stained, damaged, or otherwise wildly beyond repair, it may be time to toss.

Step 2: Decide your ideal closet space & purchase organizers

Once you have gone through your items, decide how you want your closet to look. Some things you may consider purchasing:
  • Matching hangers. It seems simple, but if all of your hangers are exactly the same, it helps the closet seem less cluttered. Mismatch hangers can sometimes act as a distraction from the actual contents of the closet. 
  • Double hanging shelves. Make sure you’re utilizing all available vertical space. This may include adding extra hanging rods or shelves.
  • Step stools. Depending on how tall you are, utilizing the vertical space may require some height assistance.
  • Shoe shelves. Many people like over the door shoe organizers, but I find shoe shelves are far more practical. Depending on the size of the shelves, you can stack them or place the shoe boxes directly on the shelves depending on the pair. Some people prefer to keep the boxes of designer shoes to protect from dust and other elements.
  • Hooks for bags/hats. You can get creative with how to store accessories, but one great way are hooks. You can hang purses, belts, scarves and other accessories using hooks.

Step 3: Store your clothes by category

Once you’ve got your organization tools in place, decide what’s important. The real estate in your space is key and you should try to maximize it. Some ways to do so: move clothing you wear most often (work clothes, exercise gear, etc.) towards the front of your space and move special occasion pieces to the back.
Another way to save space and categorize is to utilize suitcases in your home to store things you’re not using in that season (ie. Bulky sweaters in the summer, bathing suits and sandals in the winter)

Step 4: Maintain

Organizing a closet is definitely very evolving, however if you constantly maintain, it won’t ever feel like such a daunting task. Some general tips:
  • Hang anything delicate, fancy, or sturdy.
  • Stack and fold thick items like denim and sweaters. Other things to fold are items like t-shirts, exercise clothes, and undergarments.
  •  Store undergarments in drawers with dividers to find items you use often, very quickly.
  • “Check on in, check one out” rule. To avoid getting out of hand, make sure you are utilizing this method. If you buy a new piece in your closet, you need to get rid of something you don’t wear anymore. 

Those are all of our tips! Thanks so much for reading & don’t forget to follow along on our social channels.



this article was written by Alexandria Nevárez on November 3, 2020.

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