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Groundhog day every day clothing rut?


Happy Groundhogs day Ya’ll,


I’m such a nerd but I actually really love this day for all the foolish and gimmicky ways. I even got up early to watch my man Phil see his shadow and watched the WHOLE. DAMN. CEREMONY over coffee. Fun Fact: he saw his “shadow” but really, they put two scrolls out and whatever one he waddles over too is written in groundhog law.



The 1993 movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murry was about repeating the same day over and over and over. Everyone remembers the Alarm going off right? I was thinking that somedays I actually feel like I’m in that life. I wake up the same time, I eat the same things most days and I’m for sure wearing the same type of outfit. Yoga pants and a comfy shirt. High fashion at its best. But are you starting to feel like you are stuck in the same clothing rut each and every day like I am? Here are 5 ways to help break the cycle and show that Groundhog who’s boss.


  1. Host a swap shop with your friends or family. (Post Covid or do it virtually). I love this idea best because who doesn’t want to clean their closet with thing you do not wear and grab new fun things to wear. Crack open that bottle of wine and start trying on all the fun new finds your friends are over wearing.



  1. You know that far back of your closet...the place that you never go to and clothing tends to never see the light of day. Most have tags still on it or you just haven’t found the right place to wear it? Dig those suckers out and vow to wear one new piece you have not worn before each day for a week. You just may find out that you actually do like it and you bought it for a reason.


  1. If you have a few things that you are just plain over or you are thinking about donating or selling (hint..we will buy your clothes) maybe try and upcycling them. Add new fun shiny buttons to a sweater. Take a pair of jeans and add patches or distress them. Trying layering pieces you never thought of. Have fun with it and see what new fun pieces you now have to show off.


  1. This one takes some trust but could be totally fun. Have your friend dress you for a week. Get together on the weekend and have them plan an outfit for you each day. They may see things completely different than you.


  1. And I could not leave without this one…. If you want to add to your wardrobe on the cheap by preloved. Hint hint hint…you are on the right site for that. We all know things are funky right now and budgets are stretched. If you need a little pick me up and a fresh look pre-loved is the best and cost effective way to splurge guilt free.


Hope these ideas help you break the cycle and get you back on the right path. Meanwhile I’m adding all these fun ideas to the blog while I’m in my same old yoga pants and tee. I may need to go and revamp my closet and take my own advice.


Till next time..




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