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The Ultimate Guide to a Winter Wardrobe Capsule

First of all: What the heck is a winter wardrobe capsule? Well, let’s start with the disclaimer that if you live in Florida or somewhere sunny all year long, you can modify this system to have longer “seasons.” If you live in a place with changing seasons, you most likely will not need all your clothing all year round! In comes a capsule. With only a few items, suggested to be less than 40, you can have an entire wardrobe for a season of about three months that you can easily put away for other nine. As the summer winds down and the temperatures start to dip, you can start putting away your bikinis and shorts and bring out your sweaters and jeans. Here’s what you should keep in your winter wardobe capsule:
This item is pretty obvious, but there are a few different options you can add to this one. Think turtleneck, chunky sweaters, cardigans, open cardigans, mock neck sweaters and a beautiful detailed crew neck are always a great addition.
Basic Layering Tops with short sleeves
What needs to go under an open cardigan? Exactly: a layering top with short sleeves. A lot of these items can transfer from other seasons, but one of the best parts about a capsule wardrobe is that wearing your items for only 1/4th of the year will allow them to last for years and years to come.
A Henley Top
A classic Henley top is so great for keeping warm. Toss a scarf over it for the pumpkin patch in fall or wear one under a coat in the winter to stay extra warm.
A Button Down
Wear it under a sweater for a cute, preppy look or just have it ready with some pants or leather leggings. A sweet and classy staple.
This is a cute way to dress up a really plain outfit of a short sleeve layering top and some jeans, especially in the earlier winter months.
Wool Coats
I feel like this is kind of self explanatory if you’re living somewhere chilly! This is a necessity, but you can look chic while staying warm. Camel colored wool coats are my personal favorite.
A Party dress for the holidays
I am guilty of adding a few of these for ~options~ but you need at least one dress for the holiday season! Whether it’s your work holiday party or a New Year’s Eve countdown, you can’t go without. 
Leather leggings
I really feel like these are so ridiculously versatile. Wear them with a button down, with a chunky sweater or with a black wool coat for a chic look. Spanx makes my all-time favorite that go with everything
A Mini Skirt
I love wearing mini-skirts and tights in the winter! This is such a simple way to dress up a comfy sweater.
This is only important if you live somewhere very cold, and in which case, you probably would not have thought it was even an options.
A few pieces of denim
You need denim in the winter, whether it be a classic blue, black, or a color such as khaki or olive or something. Make sure to include a few in your capsule. 
Thanks so much for reading along. Let me know what it is that you’re packing into your winter wardrobe this year. As always, please follow us on socials!
This article was written by Alexandria Nevarez on November 10, 2020.

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