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Friday Fashion Lesson: Tom Ford

Hey All,

As we end another week of working from home, social distancing and washing our hands a million times..My hope is for everyone to be safe and healthy. Hang in there..we are all in it together.

This week I wanted to continue biz as usual and get another Friday Fashion lesson in the books.

This week we are going to chat about Tom Ford. I swear I always have to say his name like the Jay-Z song. .

Thomas Ford is from Austin Texas and at the age of 6 he was telling his mother how to place the furniture and commenting on her hair and shoes. Can you imagine baby Tom telling his momma that her hair is a hot 6!

Tom moved to New York as soon as he could and lived the Studio 54 lifestyle. He has noted that during that time in his life it had heavily influenced him and his fashion ideas.

He started out with varies fashion jobs in the beginning with Chloe, Perry Ellis, and Cathy Hardwick. His first huge gig came when he was promoted to Creative Director at Gucci in 1994. By 1995 he increased Gucci's sales by 90%. WHOA!

In 1999 Gucci acquired Yves Saint Laurent and of course they wanted Tom to be the director of that brand as well. It was a well known fact that Saint Laurent was not a fan of Tom's and would make snarky comments about his work.

In 2004 Tom parted ways with Gucci brands after 15 years, and in 2006 he launched his menswear line that we know and love today followed by his woman's line soon after.

Notable clients? Maybe you have heard a few...Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Michelle Obama and Daniel Craig. In fact Tom designed the last 3 suits for Daniel Craig in his bond films.

The man also has songs in his honor. Justin Timberlake's song Suit and Tie gives him a nod and he dressed the entire video in of course Tom Ford. My Jay-Z reference earlier is another one with the name of the song is called TOM FORD which sold over a million copies and went certified platinum.

What you may not know about Mr. Ford is that he also directed two movies with his film production company. In 2009 with the movie Single Man and in 2015 Nocturnal Animals. Both have been nominated at various film festivals.

Digging deep in his personal life..Tom is married and had been with his partner since 1986. They have 1 son, born in 2012 and he is obsessed with smooth fox terriers.

There you have it guys..Quick life notes about the amazing Tom Ford.

Thanks for hanging out with us for a bit and now go back to eating your snacks you told yourself you would NOT eat in one day..That's what I am telling myself anyway.


Stay safe all,








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