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Storewide Sale Save 10% Use Code (THANKS)
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Straight Cash Homie

If you know me you know my love for my Minnesota Vikings. I loved them WAY before Lizzo:)
This was the first phrase that comes to mind when I wanted to talk about Closet Buys. The very wise (and unpredictable) Randy Moss once was asked how he paid for things and Straight Cash Homie was born.
I want you to have straight cash as well....Let me buy your stuff!
Did you know that each and every week I have appts with lovely fashionistas all over Metro Orlando and give them cash for their new and like new items? Do you have things you are looking to get rid of? Have those jeans (you know the the the someday pile) in your closet taking up space longer than you would like? Let's chat and have me swing buy. I will bring coffee, we can chat and I will buy your items on the spot!
Please email us at with questions and to book an appt. We can't wait to meet you and your clothes:)

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