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Friday Fashion Lesson: Alexander McQueen

All hail the McQueen!
Class is in session and this week we are talking royalty. Fashion royalty!
Lee Alexander McQueen's life in bullet points starts now!
  • AMCQ was the youngest of 6 kids and knew EXACTLY who he was from the start. He used to call himself the Pink Sheep of the family.
  • After he graduated from design school he went to work as head designer for Givenchy! 
  • David Bowie used AMCQ for his tour outfits and doing so inspired Mr. McQueen to branch out and start his own clothing line.
  • Did you know his very first collection was inspired by Jack the Ripper? WHAT?!?!
  • Remember Lady Gaga's Bad Romance Video? The boots he designed caused a frenzy and orders for days. The 10 inch Armadillo boot is pop culture icon status. Could YOU walk in these?
  • Sadly we lost this great mind in 2010 to suicide. He was a HUGE animal person and left 80K to his pups and the rest to 4 animal charities. My dogs will be lucky if they get 10 bucks and my left over pizza.
Seriously I could get lost in this mans crazy unruly talent. Doing google searches for the photos for this post I went down a rabbit hole and lost about 30 minutes oogling his amazing pieces. Ebay here I come.

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