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Friday Fashion Lesson: Michael Kors



Happy Friday All!

We made it to another Friday!!! YAY!

Time for another Friday Fashion Lesson and this week we are going to get all up in Michael Kors Business or Karl Anderson Jr. if your family.

Michael Kors has been a staple in many closets over the years with that famous MK logo. I do have my own go to MK bags but his brand has also creeped into my clothing as well. With his stylish designs and affordable price points, he has become a household name.

But what do we really know about the man behind the brand? All the deets coming at ya in 3….2...1.

  • When Karl Anderson Jr was 5 his mother remarried and he took on his step dads last name Kors. His mom was also like” Want to pick out a new first name too?” He said “Heck Yeah” and picked Michael David Kors. That’s alot of responsibilty for a 5 year old. I would have renamed myself something from Sesame Street or Cindy Lou from the Grinch. Side note.. This wonder kid also designed his mom’s wedding dress when she remarried? WHAT?!?!

  • When he was 4 in was in a Lucky Charms Commercial. I wonder if he only wanted the marshmallows like the rest of us.

  • In 1977 he was enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC but decided to drop out after 9 months and work full time in a boutique clothing store across from the famous Bergdof Goodman...Little did he know he would be a huge footprint in that store only 4 years later.

  • Michelle Obama wore this black MK number in her first official portrait for the White House. Talk about an honor and it also introduced us all to the legends that are Michelle’s Arms!!!

  • After 3 brands and 770 stores worldwide his company with worth 3.4 Billion Dollars. FREAKIN BILLION. Well done MK, Well Done.

That’s all for today folks. I means it’s Friday after all...let’s learn and then get on with some tasty beverages.

Also please don’t forget to get me your ideas for non profits that could benefit from some extra love from us. We will be donating 10% of all platform sales each month to a deserving non-profit.

I’m so excited about this guys...please have them email us at

Have a great weekend everyone!!



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