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Let's make that two months....And I'm back.

Hey all,

So it's been a huge rollercoaster the last two months. Just when I was starting to feel better...oh yeah..not even close. But it's time to crawl out of my apartment and get back out there...just in time for the Coronavirus. Hand Sanitizer of EVERYONE!

But with being gone so long and not 100% being the boss babe that I'm trying to be.. I would like to extend another month of giving to Best Friends Animal Rescue. 

Those cute faces deserve the extra time and effort.

That being said we still have a few more months to fill for the year so if you have a non profit that would like some cash at the end of every month please have them reach out.

That's all for now..but i'm alive and i'm so excited to get back to what I do best..getting you the best deals and schooling you in the lessons of fashion on Fridays.

Stay safe out there...Wash your damn hands.





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