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A month plus a day, the flu will make you pay...

Hey all,

So it has been one hell of a 30+ days. What I thought was a cold that I could handle,turned into the flu that was a bit hard to manage, that turned into full blown pneumonia that I was completely not ready for. Knocked me out for weeks. 

The problem with being a one woman business is things tend to get left behind when your sick. My energy left was just enough to ship out orders...and that's with the PO coming to pick them up.

I'm finally feeling a bit better and the linger effects are still there but getting stronger each and every day. 

I wanted to try and get back on schedule even though its a bit late. I do wanted to say that our very first month in our year of giving back went well. Dress for Success-Atlanta, I am so very proud of what you do each and every day. I know my small little business donation is on the small scale but I do know it's true that every little bit helps so I'm so glad to be a part of some blessings.

The month of February is going to Best Friends Animal Society. If you are an animal lover like we are you may already know about them. They are on a mission to have all shelters no kill by 2025. They have a long way to go but they are making great strides each day. They have been fighting for the ones who cannot speak for more than 30 years. 

This month 10% of all sales on all platforms will be going to Best Friends. We see the work they do and want to help!

If you are or know of a deserving non profit I would love to hear from them. We have a full year of giving planned!




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