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Let's get rid of some baggage shall we?

So if this quarantine has done anything, it has given me the opportunity to clean out some unnecessary clutter in the black hole that is my closet. As a buyer of pre-loved fantastic clothing, times have been tough for this little business of mine. My suppliers are partnerships with high end consignment stores are closed and that has left my inventory a bit sad and empty.

So my I am asking you lovely ladies if you feel the need to clean out your closets and would love to sell me some of your stuff i'm in a buying mood:) If you were just going to donate them to the thrift stores let me look and give you cash..I'll even donate the items I can't use to the thrift if they do not work out.

Reach out to and I will get back to you soon. I can pick up locally or if you are a bit far away I can provide a shipping label. Either way you get some wine money and I can stock my small business.

I'm looking for gently loved and is in great shape. Somewhat current and most important think of how fabulous someone else would look in it.

That's it for now...let's get to purging ladies..Myself included. 



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