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Fashion Month Trend recap/New York Fashion Week 2020

There is no surprise New York Fashion week would look a little different this September due to new implementations and regulations in place to keep within the standards of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Lucky for us, the show must go on! Ironic, or maybe not, a lot of trend we’re seeing this year really align with everything going on this year. I can summarize the season in a few words: bold, comfy luxury. Collectively, we need to look good on our video conference, maintaining the feeling of confidence as well as that same euphoria you get while wearing your favorite, snuggly hoodie. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top trend take aways from this season:
Comfy Luxe 
Comfortable pragmaticism with texture that looked luxurious was a theme from most designers. We see so many wide leg pants, flowy fabrics, skirts that were longer and dresses with an A line silhouette. Is it a crime to be comfy and look good? This year’s largest designers did not think so.

I may be bias, but this is one of my favorite themes across the board. When you pair multiple items from the same color theme, you can afford to be playful and bold with textures and fabric choices. Plus, it takes the difficult consideration of “does this match??” out of the picture. And it’s just CHIC.

Bold Jewelry and Shine

Maybe from the shift to video conferencing being a large part of our human interaction this year, comes a new necessity of being bold. Bold earrings, necklaces, and more were popular in this season’s lines. We also see a lot of subtle chain accents, which although not bold, is attention catching.

Office wear/Menswear

From blazers with shoulder pads, to more classic professional patterns such as houndstooth, office wear/mens wear is a common theme this year. There is something about a woman in this trend that tells me you should not mess with her! This trend is great for shopping sustainably, because you can find so many of these items second hand. 

Over the Knee and Slouchy boots 

I don’t think this is particular new, but it was extremely common. Over the knee boots were plenty popular, but we do see a slouchy boot coming back. To me, this reminds me of Molly Ringwald in the Breakfast Club and gives a statement to even the simplest look.

Big Belts 

Although comfy, larger fabrics were in this year, we do find a common theme of cinching in the waist with a big, fabric belt. This can really help bring in a monochromatic look and create a figure to a silhouette that doesn’t organically have one.

Overall, I was genuinely impressed with the shows this year. Due to it’s more “digital” foundation, not only were they more accessible, but also cinematic creations. One that stood out to me as particularly beautiful was Adeam. The textures of the line worked so well with the fluidity of the show, rather than a more standard rigid runway performance under harsher lighting.

While huge names like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and many others decided to opt out of Fashion Month, the digital shows allowed fifteen additional brands to be featured, such as the premiering RVNG Couture. Of all the shows, these pieces were by far my favorite. There is a simple grace to taking the monochromatic elements and mixing textures, shimmer, and structure to create its subtle showcase.

Body Inclusivity

Finally, although not necessarily a “trend,” I do want to point out that although there is a long way to go, I did find there were many full figure models on the runway this year. The modeling industry has been looking to make changes to their harsh body standards for many years, so it’s quite inspiring to see something being done about it. Women are beautiful beings of any body type and it’s important we showcase fashion on every type.

That’s all for today! Follow us on instagram @AllThatSheWantsBoutique & Tune in Friday for Fashion Designer Friday as we highlight a designer of the week.

article written by Alexandria Nevárez on September 29, 2020

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