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Happy New Year and I'm lazy and broke.

Hey All,
I am still slowly getting back to real life after the holidays and if all the kiddos are still on break then who am I to throw Friday Fashion Lessons at you so dang early. We gotta ease back into things my friends.
So let's talk about being broke instead:)
 But first let me first wish you Happy New Year. YAY for new beginnings and fresh starts.
But if you are like me then you are flat freaking broke from the Holidays. Like I'm debating what flavor of Ramen I want to eat broke. I know it's only temporary and I get through it every year..but I'd like to go back to mid November when spending was fun and all the pretty things were in my cart. But yet.. here we are again... It's cold, dark and I'm financially in the doghouse. Woof!
How's that for being real? It's not all rainbows and unicorns up in here but honesty is always better than trying to be that super upbeat and killing it at life Instragram model right? If I wasn't such a chicken I would post me in my zebra print pj pants, oversized sweatshirt and 3 day old hair in the messiest of buns. I like to think there are more of you like me and less of the "my life is perfect" people. 
So whats a girl to do when the funds are low and still want to look fabulous? I'm actually going to try and shop my closet for 30 days. Yeah, yeah I know that I should not be talking about my spending freeze when I am in the business to sell you fashion goodies but I guess that's how I'm going to roll today.
I saw a movement online the other day where you try to wear a different outfit combo from your own closet for a month. You can wear the same items but just not in the same way. Have a favorite sweater? Pair it with your fav jeans one day and then maybe over a dress the next week. Have fun and get creative.  You never might find a brand new outfit you love that you have had all along. 
I also at the beginning of the year try and purge my closet anyway so I feel this will help in knowing what I can wear and after 30 days still won't wear and then I can sell or donate:) Win Win.
Speaking of Selling....Did you know that I will buy your items from you and pay you cash money? All That She Wants Boutique is founded on bringing new and like new clothing to the woman who wants to look fab but may need to watch the monthly budget.. Or they just like a damn good deal. If you are interested in selling a few items you no longer wear after your 30 day challenge...shoot us an email and we will get back to you in a few to discuss. I get inventory, you get paid and my customers have new fun goodies to look at. YES!!!
Alright guys...Gotta run and list a few more items that I got today.. you will love them.
Also my ramen noodles are ready. I went with beef if interested:)

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