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Friday Fashion Lesson: Akris

Hey all...

Ok so we made it through the first full week back to work after a holiday break. It's been a struggle for real but we survived and that in itself is worthy of a pat on the back.

I admitted last Friday of my laziness and needed one extra Friday off before I throw some fashion knowledge back at you and here we are..ready to go.

This weeks lesson is about the Swiss fashion house Akris.

Akris was founded in 1922 by Alice Kriemler-Schoch in Switzerland. She got the name Akris by just rearranging a few letters in her name. My fave part of this whole lesson is that Miss Alice started her little biz by making hand crafted cooking aprons. Yup..This fashion house was just making some cute aprons and that's it!

In 1944 her forward thinking son Max took over the family business and and grew the brand to include ready to wear ladies fashion. They even designed for powerhouse fashion houses like Givenchy. GO Alice GO!

Akris today is still a family affair with sons, grandsons and uncles all running major divisions of the company. 

Akris has built the company strictly on Word of mouth, Trunk Shows and New York Fashion Week. The company prides themselves on doing very little advertising.

Some notable fans of Akris who we adore are Amal Clooney, Tina Fay, Shakira, Alicia Keys and Angelina Jolie.

They are SUPER picky too about fabrics and the people who sew them. Sometimes it can take the development of a fabric YEARS before approved for production and don't even THINK of putting your less than 2 years of training before you can touch and sew even a button on a blouse. All 280 employees are artisans in their own right so when you are wearing an Akris piece know ALOT of love and care has been put in every detail.

I feel like I need to step up my business plan and goals after learning about these guys..Sometimes things are just thrown together and it surprisingly works.

Ok folks, That's it for todays brain food. Let's get to the weekend already so we can wear comfy pants and watch all the tv the couch can handle.





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