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All Aboard...

Who wants me to pick them up? 
As I sit here in my yoga pants, oversized tee and messy bun I realized that I love that I can look like a hot mess and be a girl boss at the same time. As I was working on my marketing plan I was thinking about who my awesome customers are. I have gotten to interact with a lot of you through social media and other venues and I see the same theme...
We all want to look amazing, polished, and have that perfect outfit to take on the world. We want the look we see in fashion magizines, but toned down for real life. We want to get up in the morning and walk out the door feeling our best. We worry about bills and debt and future things we would like to do. We know we need to save money for retirement, for college, for kids college, house, car. We want it all.
That is why I started this company. I wanted to be the girl that looked polished but in all honesty, most months I was broke. I wanted the designer or higher end labels but my bank account said "nope, not today" 
I seriously get excited each and every day to get up and get to see all the beautiful things I have found for you guys. Each day I photograph and upload new items that I feel is perfect for someone and I can't wait for them to find a new home. 
My behind the scenes is chaotic. I have racks on rack on racks of clothes, shoes, bags and other lovely things. I sometimes forget to brush my hair on the weekends (and sometimes on a random Tuesday..Sorry everyone who i come in contact with). I cannot confirm or deny that I may have worn my shirt inside out on Sunday and not even known..but damn it the clothes must get up:)
My website may need a bit of work...(Spoiler...things are in the works), My branding may be all over the place and the post office woman may groan when I come in with all the packages but I actually like the grass roots, digging deep, in the trenches and pulling through slowing. This is all fun for me.
If you haven't looked around on the site please do. If you see something snag it since I only have one of each item. If you have clothes you would like to sell, let me know and I'd be happy to take a peek. It's all quite simple..Just a girl looking like she just rolled out of bed wanting all the pretty things to pass on to my fashion girl tribe...and maybe keep some for myself when I have to leave the house.
Fall is here (maybe not in Florida, but I've heard rumors its out there) and Winter is coming ladies...I swear it is. We have great items that will make you stand out this season. Take a peek and let me know what you think.

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