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Friday Fashion Lesson: Betsey Johnson

I could hardly wait for Friday to get here this week because I am super excited to throw some Betsey Johnson realness at you all. I know I said Kate Spade was my go to gal in my very first fashion lesson. But to be honest...She was my 9-5 and biz happy hour girl.
This. Girl. Right. Here. is my boo thing. Like has seen some stuff boo thing. Has pulled a boozy all nighter boo thing. I have had so much fun with her you would think we are Bff's.
Oh Wait.. We are....
Ok not really...But she does make you feel that way when you stalk her at Dillards. I seriously wore everything Betsey that day from my outfit to my shoes and bag.... BUT my denim top was an imposter,and of course that's the first thing she noticed like a snarky Bff. Our roots and lipstick are even the same..She even liked my post on Insta so we for sure are on our way to friends forever status right?
If you know her you love her..Her following is almost cult like and she has been in the game doing her thing since 1969.
Let's learn a little bit about this sassy goddess shall we?
  • Betsey opened her very first boutique in 1969 called Betsey Bunky Nini in NYC's fancy upper east side
  • 1978 was when she went out on her own and started designing her own brand. 
  • She is known for her hair extensions...5K a pop every time she gets them done. Best quote I have seen from her about her hair is this "It costs 5,000 to look this cheap and trashy,”
  • Most think of Betsey as a punk, rebel, pop culture crazy fun icon but did you know the one and only Jackie Kennedy was a big fan. YES girl...Jackie O in Betsey. 
  • The one thing she hates doing the most? Shopping! We will need to work on that Betsey if we are going to be friends.
  •  We can overlook the shopping thing because my most favorite thing about her...She drinks champagne while she is on the treadmill working out. LIKE OMG!!
Also, like the stalker I am, I even sign off on my blog posts and emails like her with her trademark xoxo but please don't come after me for doing it BJ. Copying is flattering.
Perfect way to roll into the weekend with another fun fashion lesson. Go grab your Betsey and get out tonight and make memories you may or may not want to remember tonight.
That's all for now,
Xoxo (my kisses ,not Betsey's)

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