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Why I do what I Do: Environmental reason

There are so many reasons I love what I do...but one of my favorites is that even though my company is small I can still make a huge impact of things I care about.

This post answers the question I get alot.. Why do you sell pre-owned clothing?

I say why the hell not?  The clothes are still like new and fantastic AND a fraction of the cost as new. But the best part? Saving the land fills and doing my part to protect where we all live.

Did you know that each one of us on average throw away 70 pounds of clothing in a year? That's 22.8 BILLION pounds that goes in landfills. Thats one full garbage truck full going to the landfill EACH SECOND! That's so hard to wrap my head around. If I can repurpose and save some garbage trucks going to the landfill than bonus!.

Since starting my company in 2017 I just looked up my overall item sold totals. I was surprised to see I have saved and recycled a little over 11,000 items. I love that those items were given a second life while making my ladies look good.

I obviously can't save them all but my little part makes my heart swell.

That being said...If you are looking to clean out your closet...please do not just through them away. You could always donate to charities, have a clothing swap with your friends, or even sell them for cash..(HINT...We do that).

Just something to think about before you throw away that cute dress.




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