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Friday Fashion Lesson: Karl Lagerfeld

We made it through another long week and why not make it a bit longer with another Friday Fashion Lesson shall we?

This week we are getting up close and personal with the gloved one himself, the late Karl Lagerfeld.


Let's get it..

Most famous for his iconic black and white suites, gloves and shades but his classic styles live on forever.

Karl was NOTORIOUS for lying about his age..he would never give the year and held on to that all the way up until 2013. LOVE THIS...I always say nobody needs to know right?

In 1955 Karl entered a coat design contest and won. He became besties with the winner of the dress contest. That was Yves Saint Laurent btw...and because Karl won the contest he was hired on the spot by Pierre Balmain. How's that for name dropping in that paragraph. Whew!

In 1967 he was hired by Fendi to help re-establish and freshen up the fur line and remained a part of the team up until his death.

In 1980 he was hired by Chanel which was "near death" (seriously.. can you imagine a world without Chanel in it?) After Coco Chanel died the company struggled until our boy Karl took over. Did you know he was the one who made the interlocking CC's a thing and made it into everyones hopes and dreams.

1984 takes him launching his own brand. My favorite way he described his brand...Intellectual sexiness. OMG YASSS KARL!

And Speaking of YAASSSS...Did you know the QUEEN of fashion Anna Wintour walked out of one of his fashion shows. Why you ask? Well Karl thought it would be fun to hire strippers and porn stars to model is 1993 Fendi collection. 

Sadly we lost this icon of a man in February of this year due to complications from pancreatic cancer..but I will leave you with a classic quote from a classic icon about a classic article of clothing.

"If you ask me what I'd most like to have invented in fashion, I'd say the white shirt. For me, the white shirt is the basis of everything. Everything else comes after"















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