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Welcome to the party!

Welcome to the All That She Wants Party, or ATSW for short.

If you have been following us on our other platforms (Ebay, Poshmark) then you already know what we are about and I thank you for being a great partner in crime. If you are new to the party.. Then sit back, relax, pour that glass of wine you have been craving all day and let’s get acquainted shall we?

My name is Amy Bachmeier and I have dreamed of owning my own company for what seems like forever. I used to be a radio personality going into the studio looking like a hot mess each and every day. But before you judge me I was on morning shows, so just getting to the studio on time and having pants on was a huge win. I always had the intent to look cute, but sleep kind of won that battle.


When I left the on air side of the biz and turned to the sponsorship side and transitioned into sports I had to dress a bit more fabulous every day. In the early days of my career I was commission based so when things were great I was buying all the things, but when things were bad, I was buying all the ramen. It was a love hate battle becoming a fully functioning adult. 

I had the dreams of living the champagne life but was on a boone's farm budget. I’ve always had to cut corners and budget and scrimp and save...but I always paid full retail on clothing and handbags but then had to eat out of a cup and buy one ply toilet paper (the horror).

Why can’t we have it all ladies...Brand name designers AND fancy toilet paper?

That’s where my idea came into play. Why can’t we all look fabulous at scream worthy prices and actually save the environment in the process. I won’t bore you with clothing in the landfill stats but if you need some light reading before bed look it up. On a whim and a freaking prayer I decided to jump head first into launching the company of my dreams 3 years ago.


Now I actually am a fully functioning adult running a company and working as a talent agent booking talented and VERY BEAUTIFUL people in TV and Film projects. I always tell my guys I'm not the one that has to look cute everyday but you do. I'm just trying to keep up.

Listen, pre-loved clothing may not be for everyone but listen up girls… you can get the best of the best from someone who just can’t possibly wear an outfit more than once (who ARE those people and if you are one of THOSE people, call me!). I have found the greatest clothing, shoes and bags, some even with tags still attached and happily compile all my finds here for you lovelies.

My website is nothing special and i’m working on my photography skills but you get the idea. Simple. I find the goods, post the goods, you look and snatch up the goods. Easy right?


And also I need an Intern ASAP:)

I add things to the site daily and most items are the only piece I have so if you see it, buy it because I most likely will not get it again.

Thank you so much for everyone supporting me the past few years and I can’t wait to show you all the fun things I find each day.




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