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Friday Fashion Lesson: Kate Spade




Friday Fashion Lesson: Kate Spade

Hey all...I thought I would do a fun feature each Friday and do a fun little fashion lesson from some of my favorite designers and others that are just icons in the game. Love it or hate it..ugly or cute you have to give it up to the uber creative types that help us not be naked.

This Friday, I wanted to celebrate my first love Katherine Noel Valentine Brosnahan. Better known as Kate Spade. This woman right here has honestly been my go to my whole adult life. She was with me on my very first job interview. She also made it to my first big contract negotiation. Totally nailed it with my girl as wing woman. I even wore her when I got married and to be totally real.. I went to go see her after my divorce was final and she made it all better with a sexy red leather bag that will be ok girl. Get back out there.

Ok listen up my lovelies...Kate Spade Fashion Facts coming at you in 3..2..1…

  • Kate went to the University of Kansas and Arizona State University and got a degree in journalism. She actually wanted to become a television producer. Thank god for us she met her hubby Jack Spade and they decided to make fashion handbags.


  • Her original designs and prototypes were actual made with paper and freaking scotch tape. Arts and craft people...Designers….they are just like us. Can you imagine if Pinterest was around...I bet she would have had some epic fails.


  • How about a little romance here. After partnering with her boo, Jack , hustling to make bags, they still didn’t have a proper name for the company. They were not married but he suggested Kate Spade since he was thinking about her and his future. And the rest is history and I bet the tears were flowing. How cute!


  • Who owns what? In 1999 Neiman Marcus bought 56% of the brand, then bought the rest of it in 2006 only to resell it to Liz Claiborne. Coach bought it in 2017 and then Coach was bought by Tapestry. It’s in good company though Tapestry owns, Coach, Kate Spade, and Stuart Weitzman.


  • My favorite fact is that her Brother In Law is David Spade. They had a very close relationship and tried so hard to make each other laugh. I love that!!

Unfortunately we lost this amazing woman in June 2018. Mental health is no joke and the most fun, most sparkly and happiest of patterns and designs still had some dark days. She for sure was not perfect but she was human. A human that touched a lot of woman's lives.

Ok there you go survived your first Friday Fashion Lesson. I can’t wait to hit you with another one next Friday.

Have an amazing weekend and don’t forget to send me your fave outfits from the weekend to be featured on All That She may just end up being our Fashonista of the month..and just may win stuff and who doesn’t like stuff.  




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