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How to Style Sweaters Fall 2020

Happy week friends! It’s no surprise that if you live somewhere the temperature changes, the numbers have been quickly falling as are the leaves on the ground! You know what that means? Sweater weather!! Although a sweater and jeans is a quick and easy solution to the fall fashion, there are many unique ways to pair a sweater this autumn to make sure you are both comfy and cute! 


One of the easiest ways to take a frumpy sweater and transform it into a look is by adding layers

Adding a plaid skirt or flannel underneath a sweater can add an extra layer of warmth and practicality, but also break up the look and add a pop of color and pattern.

On a chilly night, when you just need an extra little something, an oversized olive military jacket seems to pair well with so many casual sweater looks to bring it all together.

For a girl’s brunch or an afternoon meeting, adding an oversized white button down shirt to your sweaters is a great option at well. Pair with some pearls and posh jewelry and it gives a very French, effortlessly chic vibes.

An easy quick way to look posh in a sweater is adding a blanket Scarf/Tunic. Similar to the flannel, this look could help break up a plain sweater with a little pop of plaid pattern.

Wearing a chunky sweater that’s a little oversized with a skirt or dress underneath is a cute transitional look! If you’re cold, a skirt, tights and a sweater are a sweet look for the season.



The accessories in the colder months are so ridiculously endless!

Taking a classic sweater/jeans combo and adding a floppy hat adds such a trendy element. Throw one on before brunch or a shopping day with the girls to elevate your practicality.

Over the knee boots with a big chunky sweater is a very flattering look! If they have a heels, it could be even better because you’re really to hit the town for a cocktail, or head to date night, while still staying cozy.

An accessory that often pairs so well with a plain sweater is a statement necklace. A neutral colored sweater in beige, black, or brown tones can be elevated instantly with a bold necklace. It is also fun to play around with some jewelry you may never get the opportunity to wear in the summer months.

Finally, a classic neck scarf is the perfect addition to your comfy sweater this season. A bright sweater with a neutral scarf that matches your shoes/bag is the perfect way to create a cohesive look.

Thank you all for reading and if you try any of these tips, make sure to let us know! Also, make sure that you’re subscribing so you never miss a blog post or a sale. And as always, please follow us over on our Instagram.


This article was written by Alexandria Nevarez on October 27, 2020.

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