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Friday Fashion Lesson: David Yurman

Can I tell you guys I absolutely LOVE writing these fashion Friday posts. The choosing of the designers, learning and snooping into their lives. It caters to my love of fashion, business and flat out being nosy!

This week's lesson is about Jewelry designer David Yurman... Let's gooo!



Mr. David Yurman grew up on Long Island New York and was drawn to being a welder and a sculptor at a young age.He was doing large sculptors like the eagle statues and even redesigning railings for building. Who knew that?!?!

David met his wife while doing the sculptor thing and they decided to team up in like and in business and they created the David Yurman Company. Don;t let the name fool you though..His wife Sybil was right there in every aspect of the business.

They started slow in to the jewelry biz..while selling paintings, sculptors and hand made jewelry..he was learning the craft of artisanal. They started testing different designs at craft fairs and outdoor festivals.

In 1977 David was chosen as one of 12 jewelers to exhibit at the new designer gallery at the Retail Jewelry show and that just basically exploded them in to the forefront of what you see today.

The signature rope design came in 1983. Did you know that his famous rope design is trademarked not once but twice. TWO SEPERATE TRADEMARKS. Don't even think about it knock off artists.

David also is an avid horseback rider and regularly supports equestrian he loves animals and that's all that matters.

I seriously think of David Yurman at Christmas time and since my local TARGET is full on Christmas it was on my brain.

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