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Fall Fashion Trends 2020

Happy Fall, Y’all! As the temperatures start to drop, we can prepare and get cozy with the latest fashion trends.


Faux Leather


One trend that never really goes out of style is and one that we keep seeing high and low: LEATHER. Leather never really goes out of style, but lately, it is everywhere. Leather everything. Jackets, pants, accessories, all of the above. I wouldn’t be surprised it they created leather hair extensions or something soon.


Something unique about this trend that we’ve seen popping up is something we haven’t seen in a long time: colored faux leather. Rust, jewel tones and other colored leather has been popping up everywhere. This allows the leather to really act more as a statement accessory than an article of clothing.




I think this really started more in the Spring and early Summer, but chain jewelry has been popping up everywhere. Obviously, we’ve seen a lot of gold chain jewelry, but in addition, we’ve seen so many chain embellishments on shoes, purses, and belts. This is a real throwback to an 80s officewear trend. We also see chains in lots of classic pieces such as the Chanel bag, so it’s a good way to mix old and new.


Oversized shirts/shackets/flannels


This is the coziest trend that we’ve seen popping up and I for one, am loving it. Really reminiscent of the 90s grunge trends, oversized button shirts and flannels are really popular lately. A new version of this is a “shacket” or a shirt jacket. I have been seeing them very commonly with larger buttons, a raw hem and corduroy in a neutral color. It’s really just a long shirt, but this look can be styled so many ways. If you’re feeling bold and would like to blend two trends, you can pair a cami, leather skirt and an oversized shacket. The feminine and masculine blend is a way to really elevate your “statement” pieces into a seamless and “effortlessly cool” look.




Again, I’d consider this something more timeless or doesn’t really go out of style considering the houndstooth pattern has been worn throughout the decades. Lately, we’ve been seeing them in some more casual or cropped blazers. Something like a cropped blazer  could be styled so nicely wearing all black underneath and black boots. A perfect way to look cozy for fall, but it can really be a start striker. Casual and chic!




We slightly mentioned this in our blog post last week, but loungewear is so ridiculously popular right now. With the heavy state of the world, it’s not wonder we want to be as comfy as we possibly can be at all times! Personally, I’m a really big fan of monochromatic coordinating loungewear sets. This look is a simple way to look chic and put together even though you’re kind of wearing pajamas. Talk about a win win!


Overall, this season contains a lot of repurposed trends which is ideal for finding unique ways to use items you very well may be able to find in your closet! Check out our inventory to get some ideas on how you can refresh your wardrobe this fall & don’t forget to follow us on Instagram as well!



This article was written by Alexandria Nevarez on October 6, 2020

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